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Thread: Tides of MisFortune Turning?

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    Default Tides of MisFortune Turning?

    Hi Everyone, heres a little history about me, back in the day, My dad was a poet. He built a website, I saw the website realized it was terrible, and started building my own websites. I then rebuilt his site but decided to learn a little bit more before I learned what I was doing. So then I opened LONGESTMILE I made everything, a site like facebook, a site like youtube, a site like twitter, longestmile was a real "everything site" but over the months I learned it's not exactly the capability of the site that matters, its who the site is capable and functional for.

    This is when I got a nice lesson in marketing.
    But enough about the past, I eventually left for college, I Majored in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration.
    After school, I then went to go work for the devil himself. Walmart, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, ya I was educated, but to be honest I didn't like a lot of the math, I didn't like a lot of the boredom. I wanted to know what I wanted to do. So then I moved from New Mexico Into Tennessee.

    Little Did I know the next few months would change the rest of my life, my stepdad told me about a business. A very unique business. He invited me to help build it, the website, the functions, the internal properties in exchange for a portion of the company.

    After some though I agreed, that even if this company Failed at least i'm doing something I like. I realized I wanted to be an entrapeneur by trade, I wanted to build things. Things I can sell. Not things my bosses can sell,
    Like any other level headed American I wanted to make myself rich, not my bosses.

    But I digress about the philosophy and motivations.

    Since September, I've been working on this company, I started with the website. Which was suprisingly easy, see the competition had the most lazy websites I've ever seen.
    I'm talking one-pagers. Grantit some of the multi-million dollar companies had better websites, but even then it was extrememly lazy compared to my capabilities.

    So What I did was just market the website, towards the niche I wanted too. I followed what I new about seo, which wasn't much, I'm no professional, but I can catch on, see in my opinion, if your keyword reaches about around like a 15% of a content page, then a spider may count it as keyword stuffing, but this impossible to pinpoint.

    Anyway, with a little bit of optimizing, facebooking, twittering, and Google plussing, I was able to do a a decent (better than the competition) SEO Job, now, my company works with around 8,000 sku's manages a news site, and also has a new product coming out in 2014. Remember that electrical engineering degree I have? I put that to use.
    I can't say what I am building because I signed a non-disclousure, (though I was able to give this website special permissions due to it's resource to me)
    Anyway, things are going well, my company that I helped build is making around 10,000 a month, but I sell refrigeration parts, most refrigeration companies make around 18,000 a week. But we are doubling in sales every month. January I project to make... well consideribly less, see people need less refrigeration parts if it's cold outsite.
    Because refrigeration doesn't need to work as hard.

    But life goes on, hard work pays off. and all I can do is look back and smile. Hey, at i'm not at wal-mart anymore. And i'm not some corporate souless drone. In my opinion that's where I've been most successful, I'm doing what I like, and I'm making money at it. which makes me like it even more.! America is pretty incredible sometimes.
    -Zach Logan

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    I'm so glad you posted your progress and glad to hear things are moving up. Just so others can get an idea, what percentage of time would you say you spent on social media marketing vs. posting content? And when you say facebooking, twittering, etc. was this just posting your own content or also interacting with others?

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