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Thread: The best website builder for creating your own website

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    Hello website pros,

    I am looking to create a website for my event staff company.

    I am at no means a web designer so I am looking at creating from online website builders that charge a fee to create and customize your website from templates. As I am just starting out I am looking to create a professional looking website at the lowest cost possible. I would love to have an online payment system included in it but not mandatory starting out. I also would like to find the best way to cost effectively SEO the website so it is found easily. If anyone could suggest the best cost effective website building company for my site or any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Default Basic tips

    I am not in a position to name a company or service. You may be able to find a local person or company to help you or get some good advice from some others.

    However, I would offer a couple of things to consider. This is what I would do if I were not prepared to do my own work.

    Half or more sites are now built using WordPress and for very good reasons. I would find someone who will build your site using this program—there are many available, more than those doing it otherwise. Here are a few of the reasons.

    • If you use a framework like Genesis (it is the best in my opinion and that of many others here) you can have as professional a look and feel as is possible.
    • Furthermore, it is outstanding as a CMS (content management system), meaning you can easily learn how to put up your own material or even have additional people you work with post material with different degrees of input authorization, even if you maintain a working relationship with a website service provider.
    • WordPress, especially with Genesis, has all the SEO you need built in (I think you do need to use a free sitemap program that updates your sitemap with Google whenever you make a new post)
    • WordPress is free (open source) and a premium theme like Genesis is less than $100.00 paid once, so no recurring cost. Your only ongoing expense is domain registration $10.00 or so a year and hosting, less than $10.00 per month.
    • There are plugins for WordPress, many free, to do almost anything you want in the was of site features.

    One of the main reasons I would insist on this kind of approach is that for people who are not experienced in web work one of the most common problems is getting stuck with a site that is abandoned by the creator, or in the same vein a situation where some conflict arises, and the site owner cannot figure out how to use the site. You do not want to get into that spot.

    Many programmers do things no one else can figure out. You can always find help for a WordPress site using standard plugins and themes.
    Good Success!

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