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Thread: Need ideas to promote my blog

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    do some social bookmarking and social networking of your blog post and submit your blog post into blog directories.

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    WordPress is a great place to not only build a website but to also start a blog.

    Make sure you have high quality content and a way for people to share that content easily.

    Then give people something to do after reading the blog such as (like above with sharing it) subscribing to a newsletter and asking people to leave comments. This helps you start getting feedback from people and build a community.

    For off the site ideas...

    Blogs in your niche
    Social Media
    Basics SEO
    Article Marketing (although I've heard this isn't as useful these days but every market is different so it's worth a shot)
    Guest Posting

    The list goes on.

    I hope that helps.

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    I would suggest if you want to promote your blog submit the blog to blog directories. but some blog directories might ask you to pay money but don't worry there are lot more directories where you can submit out of all the directories I would says Technorati is best. as you r content will be seen by vast number of people and also you can see the rank of the blog depending on the quality of the content

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    Quote Originally Posted by iiGRB View Post
    I just started a blog and I'm wondering how I should promote the blog

    I plan on buying hosting and a domain
    But should I switch to WP I use blogger now?

    Any other ideas would be helpful
    There is a huge list of ways on how to promote your blog. Just try to Google it and you will get so many different results. You can Promote your blog through social media website, blog commenting, participating in relevant forums to your niche, ask your friends to help/share your blog. These are just a few of the many.

    Yes you should switch to WP as it gives you more control over your website and it is more easy. If you are going to buy a domain and a hosting you will be able to install it using just a few clicks as far as blogger is concerned I have not heard any hosting providing such easy features to install blogger. and if you are looking to transfer your articles from blogger to WordPress you will find a number of tutorials on the internet to do it.

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    Hello, I am just starting to get my website off the ground writing content. It seems like there are so many topics to learn like SEO, content building, and social media. I willing to learn what I need to, I am just feeling kind of stuck right now. I do this part time so time is limited. I don't know where to focus most of my efforts to make money online. Can you give me some ideas of where my efforts and time should be mostly spent. Would it be social media, content building, or SEO? Could someone also please explain SEO in simple terms. because I am trying to understand what exactly SEO tasks would be on a day to day basis.

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    Have you identified an audience? First thing I recommend you do is work on some core evergreen content. Create this as the main pages on your site and then start a blog.

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    You can promote your blog by participating on the discussion related to the niche of your business (Blog). There are many SEO activities such as Article submission, Directory Submission, other link building methods to make your blog rank higher on Google.

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    It not a big deal all you have to do that follow these tips :-
    Use social media, Mean publish your blog on every single platform of social media.
    bookmark your blog with the reputed websites.
    make a ad campaign for your blog.

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