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Thread: How do you stay motivated?

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    I also want to add, there are some podcasts I listen too.

    1. Is a Stanford Entrepreneur thing on Itunes Podcast,
    2. I'm listening to Entrepreneur 101 on YouTube from Mars University.

    P.S Mid? I like that!

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    Sometimes our interests and motivations waver depending on, perhaps, the weather, our health, our wealth, and as we shift, we can lose interest in projects.

    People can have a few different and related projects, working on one may inspire work on another.

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    I'm strongly goal oriented. There are some things I do that are just so challenging that even when I feel I've been knocked down, sidetracked or just feel lost, I take a brake: no radio, no TV, little contact with other people, etc. I try to achieve total "down time" during which I just relax, quiet walks, read novels, cook, etc. In short, I clear my mind to rethink and re-group. Then I re-join the living.

    My latest break has been these past 2 weeks during which I had to face the fact that one of my biggest problems is I too easily get sidetracked, esp on social media sites such as FB. So I'm thinking now that I need to schedule regular but short breaks to make sure I'm on track and with a clear mind.
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    I enjoy running websites which keeps me motivated. But what definitely keeps me motivated even more is the amount of income coming off of them now.

    I'm earning enough to comfortably live off the money my websites bring in.

    Before I was doing scrap metal on the side which I am honestly getting tired of.

    I doubt I will completely stop recycling metals but I definitely want to take a break from it for awhile. The prices are down right now anyway.

    I make more now with the websites doing less work than I did selling scrap metal which took more time to earn less money.

    If the websites continue to do good for me and bring in the required income I will just do metal recycling on the side when I feel like it.

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    What has kept me motivated is the feeling you get when you accomplish your goals both big and small. Setting goals and trying my best to complete that goal provides me enough motivation to keep me going during the times when things aren't going as well or as expected and also during the times when things are exceeding my own expectations.

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    Being motivated is not my problem Seeing results from this is.
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