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Thread: How Can I Check Pirated Software in my site.

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    Default How Can I Check Pirated Software in my site.

    I have a website that based on Free Software. All software are free and you can download any software. Site traffic is better. So I apply google adsence. But they denied. For cause they say your site have pirated software. But My site has no pirated software. All software are freeware. I check my site again and again but I can not find any pirated software. So Anyone give me a online tools that check pirated software in my site. That means I submitted my site URL and it automaticaly check my site to find pirated software. Please Help me...

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    Freeware is not the same as open source. Programs like WordPress are open source and free to use, period. Freeware often is free to use only for a certain period of time or so many uses. I do not know of any software to check it out, but you could consider this in re-evaluating your site for any problems. But that would not make them pirated unless they had been modified to strip out any limiting code.

    Did you get the programs you offer from the download site of the program owners? It could be that the difficulty comes from data added by a site you downloaded from that identifies that site as the origin of the program when Google knows it is not. That could make the programs a security risk that Google would not want to be associated with.

    An interesting question.
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    All freeware software's are free to use but not all of the allow you to redistribute them. Which means you can not have a copy of the software on your website for you visitors to download. You should check for such software's on your website. If that is the case you can delete the copy of the software from your website and provide a link to software's original website for your visitors to download the software.
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    I am going to agree with James and Alamsher and say you should go remove the software and provide links to the download sites for those programs.

    Now say its a software program you authored (created) and you want to share it with the world, go for it. But if it's something you didn'y, provide a link to it.

    A long time ago, I had written a php script and i shared it on my site.
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    Hi Munna
    Sorry to hear that Google don't want to play with you. I understand how frustrating it must be for you. I hope you find a solution to your problem.
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