Hey everyone. I am currently using the W3 Total Cache plugin. I really like this plugin but I have one major problem that I can't find the answer to. My homepage intermittently delivers a blank page from time to time. I know it will do this if I update a post or publish a new one. I have to delete the cache several times and then it seems to run OK. The problem however is that out of the blue it will still deliver a blank homepage. It can go days and then all of a sudden it happens multiple times in the day. 80% of my traffic is organic and I can't have this problem. I find myself checking my site multiple times a day to see if it's running correctly. I can't keep doing this.

I've posted the problem in the plugin's support forum 2 days ago but I haven't had a response. When searching this problem I found many who were having the same or similar issues 3 or 4 years ago, but there didn't seem to be an identifiable fix. I haven't found anything current.

I had initially been using the W3 Total Cache plugin on my site but was having font problems with it in certain browsers. After a lot of investigating I deleted it and installed the WP Super Cache plugin after a few webmasters had commented that it was a good set it and forget plugin. Other than the one big problem, the site runs great on it.

Has anyone else experienced this or know of a link for a fix?

Thanks in advance!