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Thread: Website Design Important?

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    Default Website Design Important?

    I recently changed the colors on my website. I was blown away by the difference it made overnight!

    I liked the old design but I decided to add more color. Overnight my bounce rate dropped from 60 percent to 7 percent. Even more astonishing, my alexa was suffering too. Proof that my website wasn't as interesting. I played with the css a little and dabbed around with the color and overnight my bounce rate dropped. A few days later I noticed traffic increase. In less than a week it appears that the websites success has doubled and I even see some of the old users logging into their accounts that had already abandoned the website since the vast changes I implemented.

    I'm heavily convinced that the new design is just more attractive and engaging. I didn't use a lot of graphics or overdo the css, but I am greatly convinced that design matters and I made a good call by making the website more attractive. And get this, more people are actually using the website now. So far, traffic increases gradually everyday and I don't have any complaints. I have used the opportunity to get rid of unrelated content and build on the relevancy of the site. I must admit, I am kind of excited about the new potential I am witnessing.


    As you can see the drop was in one day. That night, the only change I made was the design. Since the change, there has been an increase in log ins, user engagement, Facebook likes and shares, and content that others have added to the website. I'm just so shocked that this one thing I did made so much of a difference. Right now, analytics tells me that my traffic level for the day has surpassed the traffic my site bought in last week! Wow. I feel like I am also being rewarded with more organic traffic than the site has witnessed since the new changes I have made.
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    Do you have before and after photos of your website? Your bounce rate improvement is amazing. I'd love to know what it is exactly that you did

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    I'd love to also hear why you believe your bounce rate improved so much. You mentioned design/color, but what specifically did you do? Also, did you check if any specific page is causing the major improvement for your bounce rate or is it sitewide?

    And I wouldn't put too much stock in Alexa. My traffic has increased by 20-25% in the last month yet my Alexa rank got worse. So don't put much stock into it. Traffic matters more.

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    I learned with the years of experience the old adage "If you design it for yourself, you only have one customer"

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    Interesting, but Lisa has a point. How was your traffic does it increase or decrease?
    I hope you can give more details about and, we would love to see the changes you've made!

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    I made a couple small changes to my site quite a while ago. My bounce rate dropped to less than 10% and my page views more than doubled. I thought I was a genius! Well..... turned out that the same day I made some of those changes to my theme, I was also fiddling with my analytics plugin and the analytics connection from my All in One SEO plugin. Analytics was getting duplicate info and skewing the stats. For two weeks I thought I had hit the jackpot only to figure out that I hadn't.

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    Website design is the FIRST thing that your visitor sees!
    So, it's very important!

    Of course, you have to have good content to keep your visitor there, or to tell his friends about your beautyful site!

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