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Thread: Where to Begin for Re Design...

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    Default Where to Begin for Re Design...

    I really need to redesign my website, but mainly with some tweaks, and I'm hoping to handle it myself since I have the design pictured... it's just how to go about doing it, is where I need some help.

    Ideally I would like to do this behind the scenes. I have a domain I am not using, so ideally I would like to copy/transfer my current site onto that domain and then make changes there, and then transfer it back. It does look like there's a few plugins that I could use, but many are paid. Is that the best way?

    I don't mind spending a little bit, if I have too, but would rather stick to a free option if there's one. How do professional web designers handle new websites and redesigns for clients?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Are you using WordPress? If so you can download InstantWP and do your design locally and then transfer everything live once it's ready.

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    Using a second domain works well, too, with a WordPress site. I am redoing a site and I have had the hyphenated version redirecting to it for some time so I just set it up for hosting and used it—marking it for no index/no follow.

    When you transfer this way you can just copy everything and then run a plug-in called velvet blues. You can set it to just change the basic domain name and it will go through the whole site changing all the domain names from one site to the other.
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    I also vote for Instant WP, it is a great piece of software. It is basically Apache that has been skinned with a front end control panel. Everything you need is there, including a phpMyAdmin simulator, so your database can be loaded in.

    If you do d/l Instant Wordpress consider buying the PDF "Instant Wordpress Unleashed" written by the author of the IWP software. It is on his site and explains site duplications and migrations to and from a live server.

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    If you are using CMS like joomla or wordpress you can get the free templates and you can edit it through live or wamp local.

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