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Thread: Good Evening, I am new!

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    Default Good Evening, I am new!

    Hello everyone, I am new to doing word press but I have heard there is alot that the program can do. I am the administrator for a non profit organization. We don't have alot of money but I am trying to work with what we do have to come up with something very attractive. Can someone point m in the right directions whee I can find tutorials and other materials that will get me started in building a nice website.

    I am using ipage and I already have wordpress installed on the ipage server.


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    Welcome to the Babble!

    For a better experience here, you may want to check out our Guidelines and Forum Help in the top horizontal menu and at least listen to the video (better to read as well). You will find some interesting tips and information that you will want to know, such as signature requirements, etc.

    Glad to have you join the forum, a great place to learn and share.

    As for your questions:

    First, if you need to use a free theme, the new twenty-fourteen theme that comes with WordPress is excellent. It has lots of options. With a lot of free themes you are taking some risk, so when you are unfamiliar with working online it is better to be safe and stay with the tried and true. And that is an excellent choice.

    If you do have a little cash, for 84.95 you can get the Genesis theme (which many of us think is the best) with the Prose child theme (you use a child theme of which they offer many). Prose is one of their best choices. You can look at all of them but be sure to use the middle drop down box for features and choose media responsive. That is essential with any theme you use now; it means it will work with all sorts of devices and half of our users now use iphone, kindle, ...

    Second, find a good source for learning how to use the program. The best I have found is on WPBeginner. After you sign up for their newsletter, when you click on the video button it will give you a list of 23 (as of today, they keep adding) videos that give excellent, up to date, instructions for using WordPress.

    Third, stay in touch with the Babble. There are a lot of great folks here ready to help you with any problems.
    Good Success!

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    hello welcome to the forum it`s nice to meet you hope u find what you are looking for.

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    Hi Theresa
    Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will like it here. I am also running my blog on Wordpress.
    Best regards
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    Welcome! James, gave you some great advice. If you go with WordPress, they have themes that are already designed and there are thousands to choose from and many are free. I personally only use StudioPress Genesis themes now but if they are not in the budget the default WordPress themes are a good choice because they are always supported by WordPress unlike 3rd party free themes.

    If you start your site with my host WebsitePalace.com you will get a free 27 minute video (from the order confirmation page) and it will help you start your site with WordPress. Includes tips on setting up your theme, adding your email list, contact page and more.

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    WordPress is an excellent tool but I think newbies need to make sure they take security extremely seriously as well as making sure they fully understand how to take backups.

    I always seem to find something about WordPress that gets overlooked, such as changing the "nicename" in the wp_users table under phpMyAdmin. By default it is the same as your login name for WP and this can "nicename" can be seen in the URL slug of the author archive.

    I have people try to hack some of my sites but I'm glad to say I have built those things like a fortress. WP is not something where you can take your eye off the ball. It is a living, breathing platform that changes and updates itself a lot. You must keep up with it all.
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