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Thread: Why Does Google Hate You? Poor Website Rankings

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    Default Why Does Google Hate You? Poor Website Rankings

    You may be wondering if Google likes you are not. Then logically, you think, "Google doesn't hate me. How could they? I'm only one person and they deal with hundreds of millions of webmasters and domains." The truth is, Google knows more about you than you may think. But is this good or bad?

    Let's say you have a website that has had bad rankings and you got penalized so you decide to start all over from scratch, remember that Google remembers everything you do. They also have spent a great deal of effort tweaking their algorithm so they can find all of your related content online. This means if you start a website from scratch, they remember your last website. They remember your past forum posts and website comments and have determined whether or not you are a spammer. They don't just go by signals from your website, but they go by signals that you send through all of your online activity that can be traced.

    This could impact your website rankings and search engine success a great deal. Make sense? This could be why some websites easily rank better than others in a faster period of time. If Google remembers that they like you, you will have better rankings. If they remember they don't, you know the rest... So even though they may not hate you, they are judging your online activity, and using that to rank your websites.

    What makes you rank quicker for certain keywords could be how Google already sees you and how they have already rated content that you have supplied somewhere online. For instance, I transferred content across domains and without even promoting the content, I noticed that it somehow maintained its rankings in the search engine index and some of the posts actually received more traffic than while at a completely different domain that already had backlinks. And anyone who has seen any of my websites, can see that they are nothing special. So I wondered why some websites easily do better than other websites, even for more competitive keywords. What I found out was astonishing.

    Does that sound scary? Here is a good article that may explain a little better.

    Moz Article: How Google Knows What Sites You Control And Why it Matters

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    I'll take some time to read this article and watch the video. Thank you!

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