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Thread: Competing with Google

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    Default Competing with Google

    When we earn from Adsense, we are competing with a player who happens to be the game master, rule maker and judge. I think we are in a game where we are fed enough that we would continue to create quality information for the web, but the game is designed so that Google itself keeps the lion share.

    Just think about it. When someone uses a Google search engine to look up something, he first lands on Google's search engine result page. There, he is faced with Google's front line ad. Although the search result may bring up our webpage, Google's ad appears above the organic search results. If the searcher clicks the ad, Google earns 100%, even though it was our webpage that enabled the result to be listed. If the searcher does not click the ad but continues to our webpage, again he is served Google's ad, this time placed by us. Only here does Google share the earning with us, if the searcher then clicks the ad. In other words, before search traffic lands on our page, Google already had an opportunity to earn from it ahead of us.

    It's a loop-sided deal which we webmasters seem to accept rather willingly.

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    Unfortunately, they make the rules and some time break them and there's nothing we can do about it.

    They can do away with any of our Adsense accounts at the drop of a hat without any real explanation and that's something that sticks in my throat, especially if you have numerous ads on blogs and videos and earn a decent income from their program .

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    I have never been a fan of Adsense. Why get paid pennies when you can get paid dollars?

    Not to mention, you have little to no control over the ads which usually leads to VERY low click-thru rates, which is LOST potential sales and revenue.

    And yes, they can close your account any time without a reason and without recourse. I know it happened to me. Another reason I am not a fan.

    Of course most people use it because it's so easy. Copy and paste code and your done. Lazy marketing?
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