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Thread: Do You Buy Computer Magazines?

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    Default Do You Buy Computer Magazines?

    I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago trying to find a magazine I occasionally used to buy about 5 years ago. I spent a good 15 minutes looking because there were so many other magazines on the shelf.

    Do we REALLY need this many magazines? There's way too much information out there. It's souless.

    And I had no idea there were so many titles dedicated to tablet devices...

    I found the magazine I wanted eventually. It's the one on the right, "Web User".

    I decided to go for it and buy my first dedicated web design magazine "Web Designer". I've only read the contents so far and I have to say there ARE things that are covered that I never would have seeked out myself online.

    There is also a free CD with a 55 minute PHP workshop, as well as WordPress themes and music FX/loops! Not bad for £5.99.

    Do you buy computer magazines or is the free resources online good enough for you?

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    No I don't. I can't tell you the last time I bought a computer magazine. In fact, the only paper magazine I buy now is O Magazine. Even though there is a digital version, sometimes I like having something to thumb through when I'm on the plane, Starbucks, etc. but for the most part I read most things online.

    P.S. It really is interesting how adding relevant images to even things such as forum posts like this makes it more interesting to read. Just had to say that. ha ha ha.

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    Wow! I had no idea there were that many computer magazines out there. If I had been asked I would have guessed that they were fading into oblivion.

    I was an original subscriber to PC Magazine and practically memorized it for years. Later I got several others, but for years now I have not. Altogether (for all subjects) I probably subscribed to around 50 magazines for years (all serious topics—many were academic and society journals. Now I subscribe to perhaps three, like the Seed Savers Exchange publications, which I get because I support the organization. Likewise, I have thousands of books, but do not buy any now unless I can get them on my Kindle. And I thought I would never give up the printed versions for digital!

    But I do not feel like saying "the free resources online" are "good enough" if that is to suggest they are inferior. By the time something is printed, if it is newsworthy, it is out of date. I get news from C-Net's publications pretty much every day, for example, and consider it top notch.

    ZDNet has a very good website. One of today's lead stories says it all: 10 tech things we didn't know a week ago

    But more important in many ways is the better content, made possible only by the digital options. For example, today on PC Magazine's site is an article titled: 10 Spectacular Hubble Images You Have to See. And they have a slideshow presentation that is really neat.
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    In the early 90s yes.... then they invented this thing called the Internet. And I have never looked back.
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