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Thread: Buying domain name, wondering about replacing"the" with "thee"

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    Default Buying domain name, wondering about replacing"the" with "thee"


    How would SEO be affected if using theefirstandtheelast.com instead of thefirstandthelast.com which is already taken?

    Thanks for your input and expertise,


    Todd Jamieson

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    Perhaps not at all as far as the search robots, BUT...

    It would not be a smart move for many reasons. Even if the search engines do not pick up on it (and I would not guarantee it) you would be hurt in many ways.

    A few:
    • When entering your name into a browser or search engine, either one, most people will spell the words correctly and go to the already existing site instead of yours.
    • Many people will see it as an attempt to divert traffic from a legitimate site and, if noting it before going to your site, will just go to the "real" site instead.
    • Many people will conclude that you are inept at web work and if not capable of even coming up with a proper name for your site are unlikely to have content work pursuing.

    It is not hard to come up with good site names. There are several other threads where this is discussed so I won't repeat that content here. You can come up with a good name with just a little work, and you will not need to pay more than a registration fee for one either.
    Good Success!

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    I agree with James. You need to dig deeper and come up with an impressive and original name. This will really be important if your site ever come through and start making decent money. First of all, it needs to be memorable enough for people to type the name and find your site. Double "the" in a URL makes it harder to get it right. Besides you don't want to be seen as a copy artist.

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