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Thread: Posting frequency for Blogs, will Google penalize if it is too much?

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    Question Posting frequency for Blogs, will Google penalize if it is too much?


    Recently I have made blog using blogger where "you will get wide range of tech-tips". Actually When you make a blog/website for giving tech-tips, really there shouldn't be any writer's block. Me and couple of my friends are going to post on this blog.

    Before I purchased a domain and set up the blog, Me and my friends used our time and write a lot of things that I could post. For example I have finished making some post about blogger, windows tips, social medias etc.. We are also very closed to finish some learning courses (word, powerpoint, excel 2013 ) that will be post soon on the blog.

    Main message is that there's lot of ready made things that could be posted now, and I do mean A LOT !!

    The blog is only 5 day old. I don't like the current look of the blog as it looks a bit empty and incomplete because of lack of contents/posts.

    So I want to post those ready made things like right now if possible. But I am concern as I want to know some questions answer. Is google's going to penalize the blog for this much posts in a very short time ? Is that going to hurt my blog's search engine rank in the short and long run ?

    One person suggested me that I should make the post with and older publish date, but seems to me not a good option.

    I need experienced and expert opinion for this. [ yes! owing a tech-blog doesn't make you an expert ]

    Hope I explained properly for you to understand me position Looking forward to your replies.

    thank you all.
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    It doesn't matter. Just keep in mind that it takes Google time to index your content, and for your content to rise in the rankings, so posting your content now may be better. Just don't sacrifice quality.

    Also keep in mind that if you have posts that are time-essential (PC news posts) then you should post them now rather than later.

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    Google does not index contents instantly it takes time. I think these contents can be used only one blog at a time not on many

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    I think Jay answered this question already. Don't you worry that Google cannot handle indexing so many pages at once. Google will take its sweet time in any case. The question is that would Google penalize your site if you publish many posts at once? The answer is no. At least, I have never heard of such penalty. However, you should carry on posting on regular bases. If you have new posts coming, you have no problem.

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