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Thread: adding content to existing page ? or creating a new one ?

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    Default adding content to existing page ? or creating a new one ?

    So i have a home page that is ranked #19 right now for my main keyword. its a good site PR4 with good content . my question is like so :

    i want to add content to the home page that is optimized for my keyword. but i saw one of my competitors created a new page with an optimized content for the same keyword and now he ranks #12 and #11 with two different pages. one home page and the other is the content optimized page .

    should i create a new page with the optimized content and try to outrank my home page ?

    or should i add the content to the home page and try to out rank everyone with one page ?

    or a third option is to create a summarize content on the home page with a link to " read more " to the second new page that will have the whole article this way adding content to both pages with the hopes of ranking well for both.

    any idea on this subject is welcome thanks
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    Nir, I think the only way you will know which will get better ranking is to test it. Honestly I think it could go either way. But I think the bottom line is that if you have more content to add you should make a move so that Google can index it and start sending you traffic.

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    If it were my choice, I would go with a somewhat modified version what I think you mean by your third option. You could improve your existing page a bit with changes to enhance the addition of two or three additional pages.

    New pages could grow out of key ideas on the original page and be linked by keywords on to further information about those topics.This may be pretty much what you are suggesting. I am just thinking that I would not want to leave the impression that the original page was incomplete without the linked page(s). One additional page is really not enough to let your home page serve as an introductory page.

    I would do that unless you want to add a major amount of content in a way that clearly sets it apart as an introductory page. I do this at times by writing something like, "There are five steps to getting out of debt." Then I state that I will summarize each of them briefly on this page and then explain each one in detail in a separate article. In doing this I would have very clear links.
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