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Thread: [HELP ME]ServerThemes.Net has the problem of trademark

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    Default [HELP ME]ServerThemes.Net has the problem of trademark

    I just received this mail. Please, Show me how to solve

    ================Content Email===========

    We would like to state upfront, that we're not at all litigious and it's really unfortunate that we should have to send this email at all.

    With that said, we've worked very hard on building our company and we have every right, morally and legally, to protect that hard work. We'll do our best to keep things friendly, but to also get you the important information you need.

    You are currently infringing on our trademark "Startup" (USPTO Registration #: 4496532), in terms of WordPress themes.

    Infringing Content:

    - SERVERTHEMESdotNET/premium-wordpress-themes/gavickpro/startup-premium-wordpress-theme-for-business-portfolio.html

    It's important to note that this specific infringing content does not involve resolving between ourselves and the theme developer or yourself and the theme developer, but the infringing material that currently exists on your website, regardless of the developer's compliance outside of your website, which is altogether a separate issue, needs to be resolved with us. This is a private matter and discussion between you and ourselves.

    Please reply once you've thoroughly done your best to remove all infringing content that exists on your website.

    You likely had no idea whatsoever that you were infringing on our trademark, it's okay, no worries, these things happen, but now that you've been informed please work with us ASAP to resolve this issue and let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.

    =========================HELP ME===========

    Thank you in advance

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    Looks like two different developers are using the same name for their WordPress theme, and one has it copyrighted. And the one you have on your site, at that address, is the developer that does not own the copyright. As a result they have asked you to remove the content from your site.
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    Thank for feedback, STB

    Startup Wordpress Theme that is being sold on several different websites and I get that theme on sale as the affiliate.

    So why am I getting this problem when this theme providers no matter what I suffer.

    If there is copyright infringement it must require providers of theme, not ask me, that's what I don't understand.

    I'm sorry about my english

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    Unfortunately, we can't offer legal advice here. You may wish to seek legal council on this matter.

    Or, you can just take down this one theme to avoid further actions from this company.

    Have you contacted the theme developer who you are affiliated with? Maybe they can offer some guidance in this matter.
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    Thank STB.

    I'm also awaiting feedback the theme developer.

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    Many thanks to everyone for your interest in my website.

    I did contact us and resolve the problem.

    And the solution is to rename his article a bit.

    "Startup". then I changed to StartupPlus.

    Changed as well, all went well. That's what I was experiencing.

    I wish you success

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