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Thread: Hi, trying to restart my site after taking time off to study

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    Default Hi, trying to restart my site after taking time off to study

    hello everyone.
    I'm restarting my site which I let slide into the doldrums (sob story alert) while I focused on my studies.
    I finished my study now and am keen to get some ideas, feedback and hopefully some motivation to get my site running again as I feel that the information I am putting together will benefit anybody applying for an IT job.

    Basically my site is a combination of research and tips on how to improve your resume, interviews, pre-phone application (yes, you have to phone first). I got as far as a few blogs on writing your resumes with a few tips I learnt from the pros and a few job descriptions.
    I my hey-day I managed to get about 50 unique visitors a month so I was feeling pretty good, but I let things slide so I'm back to zero again (frown), but I'm willing to do what it takes (and listen to who I need to!) to get my site going again.

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    Welcome to the Babble!

    You are in good company. That is to say, a lot of folks have started, stopped, and then came back to online work fresh with a new view to do well.

    For a better experience here, check out our Guidelines and Forum Help in the top horizontal menu and at least listen to the video (better to read as well). You will find some interesting tips and information that you will want to know, such as signature requirements, etc.

    Glad to have you join the forum, a great place to learn and share.
    Good Success!

    Website: Success With Money
    "If your content doesn’t drive activity or conversations, don’t expect it to drive links." —Tom Schmitz, Search Engine Land

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    I'm in the same boat really,

    Tried making a games website when I was at school using Dreamweaver - that was no good.

    Tried learning HTML and CSS, didn't get very far with it.. researched SEO and more, just couldn't get started.

    Now I'm working full time but in my spare time I'm starting to get my website started properly, two articles at the minute but once I hit ten or so and change the design I'll post it in the reviews section. Can't wait to get some traffic!

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    Welcome and good luck with your new site!

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    Good luck to you ya! Feel free to post any questions as you go along.

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