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Thread: How is Link Juice distributed in a Silo structure?

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    Default How is Link Juice distributed in a Silo structure?

    Hey everyone. I'm just pumping out the question threads aren't I? lol

    For my newest micro niche site I am setting it up in a silo structure so that the link juice flows throughout the website. I'm not sure if this particular method is outdated, but judging by some posts it still seems to work for most people.

    My question is: how is the link juice distribution different between these two scenarios?

    (note: I'll just be making up some numbers for the sake of example)


    My micro niche site has a homepage with 1 linked page on it called PAGE1.HTML.


    My micro niche site has a homepage with 3 linked pages on it called PAGE1.HTML, PAGE2.HTML, AND PAGE3.HTML

    Let's say that a really high PR website linked to my micro niche site's page and gives it link Juice worth 100 in power (just making something up).

    This 100 power link juice gets passed onto the Homepage of my site. Then this link juices passes on to PAGE 1.HTML in SCENARIO 1, giving it 60 link juice instead of the 100 since the linking power diminishes as power is passed on from page to page.


    If the same thing were to happen in SCENARIO 2, would the 100 power link juice pass on as 60 power link juice to PAGE1.HTML, PAGE2.HTML, and PAGE3.HTML, or would that 60 power link juice be divided amongst the 3 pages so that each one gets 20 power link juice?

    TLDR Version: Would the passed linking juice power be weaker with a page with more links on it, or is linking juice power the same for each linked page regardless of amount?
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    I'm not even sure this still works either, but it was always my understanding that it was distributed evenly and not divided. But I could be wrong.

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    I am using a silio structure for user experience as well as seo. I am actually developing a spreadsheet containing all my meta keywords as well as an overview of site architecture. It is more for me to be able to get a bird's eye view of my site and ensure the theme of each page is reflected in the keywords used, semantically, rather than exactly.

    It is useful to do this because my graphic designer can look at the flow of information and see what each page is about. It will definitely help him design better graphics when he sees what the primary and secondary keyword themes are.

    The silo I have his partly physical (WordPress categories and sub categories make a physical directory structure possible) and it is partly virtual (I'll be using the site's navigation layout to build a family tree of links for better user experience). I'm using coloured cells in the spreadsheet to denote each page, subpage and so on.

    I'm going to be doing this as standard for all client websites since it is something they need as part of their business plan. So I'm not doing aggressive SEO, more organising the structure of the site and the flow of the themes of each topic and sub topic. I also have some Excel formulas set up to tell me if I go over the character limit (which has been worked out as an equivalent based on the 2014 Google title tag SERPS ideal pixel width limit).

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    You defined link juice very well but I think its work in different way or may not sure how a link passes juice to each page on-site

    Difficult to judege

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