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Thread: Google Analytics Course

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    Default Google Analytics Course

    I got this email from Google today.

    Last October, we introduced Digital Analytics Fundamentals, our first course on Analytics Academy. We were thrilled to have over 145,000 students join us to learn about the core concepts of digital measurement.

    Today, we’re diving deeper into how Analytics works with our next course in the series: Google Analytics Platform Principles.

    In this course, we’ll cover:
    the four components of the Analytics platform: collection, processing, configuration and reporting
    how Analytics collects data across different devices
    how data is transformed before you see it in reports
    key concepts for customizing your data in useful ways

    You’ll have two weeks to complete the course alongside a worldwide community of Analytics enthusiasts to earn a certificate of completion. After that, the course will remain open for you to complete at your own pace.

    Interested in participating? Enroll now and join us when the course begins on March 11, 2014.
    Preview the course

    Watch this quick course preview to learn about joining a course on Analytics Academy.

    Register now

    Happy analyzing,
    The Google Analytics Team

    So I'm signing up. I would like to see you there if you think this course would be useful! (also it's free)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zachariahlogan View Post
    So I'm signing up. I would like to see you there if you think this course would be useful! (also it's free)
    Awesome, I've gotta go for this! Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing that Zach. Google Analytics is so massive. I never feel like I make good use of all their reports.

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    I already registered! Thanks Zach!

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    i am reviewing analytics fundamentals first course. I am not exactly sure how this can help more than website babble. I get better tips and advice here. This analytic tools are kinda lacking. Need more direct explanation of how to use this data. I guess i am playing catchup. Sorry if i sound stupid guys. I am signed up on certificate track.

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    Yes, Google has some amazing courses!

    I have done a few including the search course and it changed my life(online)!

    Here is the complete list of courses:


    If I ever get some spare time, I am aiming to complete at least half of those courses; I am genuinely interested in learning them.

    These are the search courses; you can find them in the list:

    Advanced Power Searching
    Power Searching with Google

    You can also find them here:


    Other useful courses for internet marketers:

    Internet 101
    Online Marketing 101

    ¿Eres español? También hay cursos buenos para usted!
    (Are you Spanish? There are good courses for you too!)

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    I already took the exam and I passed. The Digital Analytics Fundamentals has a lot of topics and a bit complicated compared this one.

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    Just received another email from Google about a new Analytics course. Anyone else gonna be the

    Join us for our new course, Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions, designed specifically to help ecommerce businesses use Google Analytics to improve their customer marketing and online shopping experiences.

    In this online course, you'll learn how to:
    use segmentation to compare different groups of data
    choose meaningful reports that align with your ecommerce measurement plan
    conduct in-depth analyses with your data
    use the new Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce reports
    You’ll have three weeks to earn a certificate of completion for the course while working alongside a worldwide community of Analytics enthusiasts.

    Interested in participating? Enroll now and join us when the course begins on July 8, 2014.


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    Thank you for sharing zach. Signed up for the course, I wonder why didn't they send me an E-mail !!
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