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Thread: Instant Wordpress

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    Default Instant Wordpress

    Im new here. How do I make my website live after creating it with instant wordpress. Thanks!

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    Instant WordPress installs your theme folder in [InstantWPfolder]/ipwserver/htdocs/wordp*ress/wp-content/themes on your computer. You need to upload that theme folder to your current host (via FTP or the host control panel). Once you've done that you can now activate the theme in your live WordPress site.

    Any dashboard changes you made will need to be made manually on your live site.

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    You need to transfer the contents of not only your theme but your entire database.

    You can do this using the free WordPress Duplicator plugin.

    I seriously recommend you buy the eBook "Instant WordPress Unleashed" by Seamus Brady, the author of the IWP software.

    It only cost something like $26 and it has been useful. Only thing is, the Duplicator plugin has recently updated and he still has not updated his guide. I've been kinda badgering him about it over email because there are lots of things he has left out of the book, and some of the page numbering in the book is wrong which I found confusing.

    Before you attempt to transfer your Instant WP installation from your local server on your machine to the live server, you'll need to create a MySql database. You'll be needing the database name, hostname, username and password. This is all very important because you'll be prompted for these details when you transfer your local server to live server using the Duplicator plugin.

    Another tip with IWP is that by default it is set to use Internet Explorer. For months this was causing all kinds of nasty timeout errors for me and was one of the reasons I had so much trouble with the software.

    If you want to switch IWP over to Chrome or Firefox, follow the following steps:

    It's easy to change your default browser for IWP:

    You can do this by adjusting the setting in the IWP server config file – pms_config.ini.

    You can find this file in the IWP folder at iwpserver/pms_config.ini

    You will find the line below setting the BrowserPath variable in the Browser section of the config file:

    BrowserPath= ../system/InstantWP_GUI.exe

    Change this to something like below, to the path of your favourite browser:

    BrowserPath= “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

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