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Thread: I've had 4 hosts along the way, and there seems to be no manual for newbies

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    Default I've had 4 hosts along the way, and there seems to be no manual for newbies

    i started with Brinkster back in college, because somebody recommended them, and because they were mostly free at first i was patient and learned a lot. I bought my domains at Godaddy because someone on the web said always buy your domain in a different place than where it is hosted. i tried a few sites on that host but i was woefully unprepared for constant content creation and all the work it took. then i went to Hostgator and put up a few things.
    THEN i realized i needed a host that could serve up asp.net since that is what i studied Computer Science with in college, so i went to Arvixe.com.
    I have found all of them to be so unhelpful to the newbie. it took hours and hours before i could find out why some asp.net pages worked and others didnt. the support guy suggested a virtual directory. i found out what one is by Googling, but for the life of me i couldn't figure out how to make one on arvixe.com.
    so there my sites sit. on all these hosts.
    costing me around $40 dollars per month because i haven't had time to learn Filezilla and take them down yet. :-) Plus i am sentimental about them, always hoping one day to turn them into something.
    My QUESTION is:
    where does one go to learn about how webhosts work? is it just a matter of repeatedly calling customer support? is there a good manual?

    How about odesk? have you found good advice for the price there?

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    What is your website about? $40 a month is absolutely crazy for a start-up website (assuming it's a start-up website). Why not use Wordpress? You can get a basic hosting account at GoDaddy for just $8-ish a month, and you get unlimited domains. It's easy to use as well.

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    Default i have 4 different crap sites, that's why

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    What is your website about? $40 a month is absolutely crazy for a start-up website (assuming it's a start-up website). Why not use Wordpress? You can get a basic hosting account at GoDaddy for just $8-ish a month, and you get unlimited domains. It's easy to use as well.
    i have a site on each host, as i keep starting over and losing focus.
    I am hoping this time will be different, and i will stick to one and actually make it work!

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    Ah, I see.

    If there are three hosts I recommend, they are iPage, Namecheap, and GoDaddy. Use the Wordpress platform (little coding needed). iPage and Namecheap have 24/7 support so they can install the Wordpress site for you through instant chat.

    After that all you have to do is visit the login URL (yoursite.com/wp-admin), input your username and password and you'll login and edit your website that way.

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    I am a bit surprised, even after starting 3/4 sites, you still don't understand the basics. If you ever want to do well managing sites, stop creating more sites, stop blaming hosts. Do your homework. Period.

    You can host multiple sites on one account, you are simply wasting money on multiple hosts. Filezilla is an easy GUI, FTP client and there is absolutely nothing to study with it. Moving a wordpress site to another host is slightly more complex, but doable. Wordpress have enough tutorial on it. If you can't do it, hire someone in Elance to do it for you. It won't cost you more than what you waste in 2 months for multiple hosting.

    Most hosts have a script installer and installing Wordpress is as easy as 1-2-3. No webmaster should say he can't do it. Go to your control panel and install a new Wordpress installation. Again, matter of few clicks and couple of minutes. You should learn to customize the themes as well, that is where the learning begins.

    To answer your original question, internet is full of how to do for newbies and Wordpress. What you learn applies to every hosts and most hosts have basic tutorials for FTP, uploading files, using sitebuilder etc. The rest, you should learn from whichever script you are planning to use. Hosts can't babysit webmasters. They don't charge enough to cover that. You either DIY or hire someone to do it for you.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but as a web developer who have worked for 100s webmasters, I find you really strange. If you want to make money on the web, you need to have more hunger to improve and learn from mistakes.
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    Since any good host gives you unlimited domains, there is no reason to use more than one except for someone who makes a full time living online and wants to avoid having all there eggs in one basket.

    If you do not have more than one using WordPress, you could just stay with that host. Otherwise it is not hard to transfer WordPrss and actually, many hosts will transfer your site for you if you ask. They might move the others as well, I have never known anyone to do it but they might well if you ask.

    Also, FileZilla is as easy as using your windows Explorer. Really. All you have to do is enter your host name and password, tell it to connect, and the folders and files appear on the right side. Then you select the folders you want to move from site to your computer or the other way around and hit the arrow button to move/copy them. It really is simple. How have you been putting up your files so far? It is just reversing the process.

    Change your DNS to the host you want to use and put them all on one host. In just a few minutes you can start saving about $30 a month.
    Good Success!

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    As James has said "use Filezilla"for uploading. Here are some free instructions to help you:

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    I've found the opposite, most hosts I deal with have pages upon pages of FAQ's making it very difficult to actually find your answer. Nowadays there is live chat but usually this is for technical or things going wrong support and not really for newbies.

    I think Wordpress, host and domain is the easiest way to learn, just get stuck in and Google your problems
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    If you are using Hostgator they have a number of video tutorial regarding various aspects of your hosting account, I suggest you take a look at their video library. Hope that helps!

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    Just choose a hosting company with a good knowledgebase section I guess. And yes, HG is one of them.

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