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Thread: I had traffic and orders, now I have none of either, anyone have answers why??

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    Default I had traffic and orders, now I have none of either, anyone have answers why??

    I thank you for the information about your forum, I need to tell you I am a product guy and not a computer geek or guru, I am trying to find information about the best way to promote my site, it's an adult novelty site and I have to be very careful in posting about my site for I do not want anyone underage to come to my site. I understand about ppc to get traffic, but I want to see if their is a better way to get traffic, I have sold many items and have traffic coming to the site but it seems they review and move on, I need to see if I can ask questions about the reason people are just reviewing and not buying. So many questions to ask and I don't want to ask in the wrong place on your forum, so any help you can give will be a big help, I thank you in advance.

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    Hey rudy,

    Where is most of your traffic coming from now? I think how people arrive at your site makes a huge difference. For example, if they are arriving by typing in "buyer keywords" related to your niche in Google then the conversions will be higher. But if they are coming from stumbleupon or from a personal Facebook page it may be different.

    You said you've sold many items. Do you have any tracking (google analytics) on your site to research what visitor paths are the most profitable? Are you just selling one kind of item and not the others?

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    Where is most of your traffic coming from now ? Lisa has asked this great question ! Well anyway, there are many & various way to get traffic for a Blog & website But which ways is best for you that all depends on you ! Most of Webmasters use Social Media & Link Building platform to drive lot of traffic. Makes links on valuable places & where lot of people do participate, So makes links on that kinds of place.
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    PPC is the best way to get sale with that kind of a website. try putting your ads on the niche that use your kind of toys . That is what others in your industry use for sale conversion. i would use the option of networking with PH, Brzr or some other porn related site since adult novelty depends on that kind of promotion for sales. Analytics are useful to determine what site give you better return. Also narrow keywords to relate to your specific product for your PPC ads. Review are not bad, i feel that is good that you get feedback.That prove that you have traffic and others can see the reviews, which can help you in sales if buyers want to read a review of the product before buying, a good review sometimes will help to make that sale.

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