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Thread: Hello all, Starting again

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    Default Hello all, Starting again

    Hello everybody, i am going to try this again after looking and starting for a few years but always getting distracted.
    I have usually started to try creating money making sites while unemployed, but the anxiety would get to me and i would give up because i didnt see fast results.
    I have since found a job that makes me travel about 9 months out of the year, so i thought, what better way to use my time in a lonely hotel room. At least if i am no longer unemployed i will have the patience to calm down, study the market and find ways to add great, passion-driven content.
    I think i have the CANT LOSE strategy for me.
    I am going to try to create my site with a skill i have been trying to get a job in:
    I have seen on this forum and elsewhere that DotNetNuke is the way to do this, but i wonder if i can just use Visual Studio and seek out website templates that are either free or low-cost?
    anyway nice to meet you all as i have been doing some prereading and i am sure i will learn a lot in the next few months!

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    Welcome to the Babble!

    For a better experience here, check out our Guidelines and Forum Help in the top horizontal menu and at least listen to the video (better to read as well). You will find some interesting tips and information that you will want to know, such as signature requirements, etc.

    DNN is the most popular CMS for ASP.net and Visual Studio is powerful. If you are educated in that area it could be the way for you to go. I used to work with a lot of IBM people and I know they used Microsoft programs and were used to spending significant funds on training, etc., so you might well develop a good internet marketing opportunity there.

    Most of us on the Babble are not programming experts (some are, however) so we tend to use PHP and find WordPress to be the the CMS of choice. (Think free!)

    Sounds like you current job could indeed give you an opportunity to give some quality time to working online. I hope it goes well for you.

    Glad to have you join the forum, a great place to learn and share.
    Good Success!

    Website: Success With Money
    "If your content doesn’t drive activity or conversations, don’t expect it to drive links." —Tom Schmitz, Search Engine Land

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    Glad you're back for a second try! We're here to guide you along so enjoy your stay here at WB!

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    Default would an investment in ppc speed things up?

    Quote Originally Posted by lisa View Post
    Glad you're back for a second try! We're here to guide you along so enjoy your stay here at WB!
    thanks Guys, I must say that I am astonished. I've done some reading over the past week and I realize that even the niche site geniuses can take a year before one niche site makes over $1000. I read about Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum having a niche site duel and Pat Flynn shared his income after one year.
    No wonder I couldn't do this when I was unemployed! After two months or so with no money coming in I would begin to get very nervous. Then I would turn towards trying to get paid some immediate money by article writing, MTurk, taking surveys, or looking for customer service work where I talk on the phone from home.
    I eventually got a job answering the phone for a cable company but it was awful! i quit in a couple months.
    So now that I am working full time I realize that it could take up to two years for a newbie like me to make $500 a month on one site! It's no wonder that Lisa says you must have a passion for what you're writing and talking about.
    My question is, could I use some of my savings to speed things up by using pay per click? I'm willing to spend maybe about $1000 to learn how to use ppc. would that speed things up?

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