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Thread: Go to Protocol for Basic Ranking

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    Default Go to Protocol for Basic Ranking

    Im really confused on the process of building backlinks to a small 5 page niche startup site.

    Do I need backlinks pointing to just the homepage or do I need backlinks pointing to every page I want to rank in google?

    If I submitted my site to an website directory would I have to submit all 5 individual pages as well, if I wanted those individual pages to each rank for their individual keywords in google?

    Same with article submission sites?

    Ranking one page sites is easy for me because your only dealing with 1 keyword, so the concept of backlinking is so simple.

    Are you telling me for a site like 2createawebsite, lisa initially built backlinks to each individual page to rank them? If it was done by article submission, that seems like almost doing the whole site over again. That site had probably had 30 pages at startup im assuming.

    I want to pump out a 5 page niche site this week but once I do so I dont know how I should approach backlinking so each page will rank for their respected keywords?

    This is my confusion
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    I started a hidden/test site last year (not associated with my name or any other site I own so I could test without skewed results) and I got it to position #5 (as of today) for my main target phrase. And it's also ranking for several other long-tail phrases I never targeted.

    You can't look at 2createawebsite. That's a 12 year old site and times were different. You have to focus on what works/doesn't work today -- 2014.

    The only links I manually created on this newer site were a few comments and forum links. I think the crucial thing to focus on if you want any kind of Google traffic today is competition. How competitive is the top 10 in the niche? If the top 10 is loaded with webMD, amazon and other sites that are hard to compete with you have to consider this too.

    Next, you want to make sure you create a silo of content. I prefer using a static homepage with links to all the important pages. Then my menu links to other static landing pages that link to more Tier 2 pages.

    Whenever I create a new page, I create as many internal links as I can to it within the site and I never use the same anchor text. I just write naturally without worrying about how many times I mention a particular phrase.

    I used to build links to article directories, directory submissions, etc. back when that was relevant but I don't do any of that today and would NOT recommend it. Like I said, maybe a blog comment or four, some forum links, etc. I also used Pinterest and have quite a bit of shares for some images I posted (I created myself) so I don't know how effective that was with SEO (hard to tell) but I do have a lot of shares.

    I think most of the submission sites are a waste of time today. I'm glad I was able to rank without any of that. The key is the competition and writing for humans (not bots).

    I don't know about a 5 page site in 2014. I've never really ranked smaller sites. I've always built more "authority" sites with at least 30 pages or so. Not saying it's not possible, I just have no experience there.

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    Hey lisa thanks for reply, I dont think you got exactly what I was getting at... and I know thats my fault because I am sure I am missing a basic off page SEO concept that I'm hoping someone can clarify for me.

    Lets say my topic was : chicken salad

    I go and do my keyword research and I find an 880 monthly search for the term: "will eating chicken salad alleviate my lower groin pain" (example lol). The competetion is ridiculously low, yahoo answers, no juice links, one or two exact title matches, etc.

    Then I find 5 more phrases for chicken salad like the above with low competition.... I think hey, lets turn this into a small niche site on chicken salad. The goal would be simply adsense only. So, I pick a partial EMD like chickensaladexpert.com.

    I cant think of a keyword for my homepage because my site was only made to rank the 5 low competition phrases. I decide on making the homepage static and just writing some generic benefits of chicken salad and its versitility for recipes and whatever...no seo plan here.

    I then write 5 articles each optimized for one of my five 880 monthly search low competition keywords. Stick them in my sidebar and my site is done for now.

    So now my plan is for each of my article's landing pages to come up on the first page of Google when someone searches for their targeted keyword (more like keyphrase lol).

    So even though they're low competition phrases I'm assuming some back linking is necessary to rank for them?

    So should I be building backlinks to my homepage? Or to each of my article's landing pages? Because like I said before, essentially my homepage is useless and will never rank. All I care about is the article landing pages ranking.

    So what I was saying earlier, if I go to a web directory site and submit my homepage to it with some generic keyword like "chicken salad" isnt that essentially completely useless...because I will never rank my homepage for that, and I really dont care about ever doing so.

    So I guess what I am asking is...in this scenario what is the correct method of the very minimal amount of off page seo/backlinking needed to rank each of my article landing page's in Google? How would you/I do it in this case?

    Thanks Lisa
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    I guess this is where I can't be as helpful. I never have a strategy like "I'm going to build 5 pages and then build 5 backlinks to this site, and then I'm going to submit to a directory and use this keyword." I feel like I everything I do is more natural other than doing some basic keyword research to find a topic. Also, I've never created a site that small and expected it to rank so it's hard to say.

    I know Pat Flynn used to suggest you build articles to your secondary pages through article directories, etc. instead of your homepage, but honestly that technique doesn't really work that well anymore for most people. The backlink building part is where you lose me because I just do much of that. And if I do, it's just blog comments and a forum link or two and then I just link to the homepage. At least that's what I did recently.

    So I can't really be of much help when you're talking about backlinks. I usually pick a keyword I want to focus on, make sure much of the content on the site is somewhat related to that phrase by using variations of that phrase and I write for humans. I can't speak for the backlink building part of it because I do very little.

    I personally think that if you do more of the work upfront with the right topic/keyword and build an authority site (instead of a 5 page site) you give yourself more of a chance. I can't vouch for the 5-page strategy. But I can say that if the keywords are very low competition, LESS backlinks are required because there isn't as much competition. And that's why you spend time on research so you don't need to chase backlinks.

    Make sense? I know I'm not really answering all your questions but I can only speak on what I've personally seen. Maybe someone else has more experience with backlinks and smaller niche sites.

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    Yes Lisa that actually makes perfect sense.

    Since you are a huge advocate and expert of authority type sites; I am wondering your opinion on a complete invert of my prior question. Running more of a passion type site while disregarding SEO almost entirely...At least from an initial pre-startup competition research perspective.

    For example I have 2 ideas that I may eventually bring to fruition.

    One would be a weight loss resource hub site; similar to your flat stomach exercises only geared at exposing weight loss myths and covering everything related to weight loss

    Second is a website designed to be big and takes a new spin on things. I have found one site with this concept as a whole but its really not all that great IMO. However, its a very popular site from what I can tell, top 5000 in alexa.

    Weight loss is obviously very competitive...even your site which I found to be good for its purpose is buried in google for its primary keyword.

    Second idea site would discuss topics so competitive it would be like trying to start another perezhilton.

    I'm sure if your site's got some momentum you would be targeting many long tail keywords that you were even unaware of...however, that's the big thing...gaining momentum.

    Basically to sum it up...in 2014 is there still room for sites likes these to thrive or are we now a slave to the SERPs and must put Potential before Passion?
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    You mentioned "covering everything related to weight loss." Keep in mind, weight loss is not a niche. It's a topic. Weight loss advice for new moms is more of a niche because you are targeting a very specific group of people. And it's funny you used that topic because this is the exact example I'm using in a video I just recorded.

    So what is going to be different than the other weight loss websites out here?

    I'm all for taking a broader topic IF (and that's a big IF) if you are confident you have a unique idea that will help you stand out. Since weight loss is so broad, I think it's important that you really zero in on something unique to get you some exposure.

    A great example would be the viral weight loss video this woman did where she filmed herself in the gym for 100 days straight and lost X amount of pounds. If she had been a blogger that would have been a GREAT video that is unique and could make some kind of breakthrough in a broad niche like weight loss.

    You are right... once you begin writing content you probably will start getting traffic from keywords you weren't even targeting, but me personally wouldn't just focus on something as generic as weight loss UNLESS there was something fresh I was going to do.

    If not, then it's better to narrow down and go more niche.

    The good news is there are no rules online. I would never say that you should NEVER do X. There are always going to be exceptions to every rule. If you are confident enough that your weight loss idea is unique, go for it. But I think the average person should definitely spend time narrowing down their niche in 2014.

    Great questions!

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    Experimentation is key. I've been experimenting with different niches that I like, regardless of what the Keyword Research Tools tell me. If I see that I'm not getting any traffic, I would just request a refund under the 30 day money back guarantee or so. Shared hosting providers usually provide free domains, and the opportunity for you to give it up and for them to take the domain back, so no worries there.

    For example, my recent blog on organization for high schoolers didn't really work out, getting 0 page views per day and a lot of spam comments. I'm currently requesting iPage for a refund. I go back to the drawing board and I think of something that I like, and experiment again. There's no money loss, and blogging as stated millions of times before, takes a long time for success. I think failures and experimentation is a part of the cycle.

    Advice: Don't target teenagers as an audience xD .. Although we teens make up a whole of the Internet, they just don't care about some things. Unless you're posting random funny things.

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