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Thread: Web address question I am confused here

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    Default Web address question I am confused here

    Web address question

    My website address is : http://www.Mywebsite.com/

    These sites have the following addresses:
    1. http://AAA.com/ This site has no Ws in address
    2. BBBB.com/ This site has no W's or http:// in address

    I think site #2 is being redirected to site #1 Would that be why no http://www. ?

    Site #1 has no www. Is this because of the age or where it is being hosted. The www location may have a redirect to the one without www

    Thanks in advance,

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    Add-on domains, for example don't have the www in front of them but even if you type in the www, it will just redirect to the non www version. 2 Create a Website has the www because it's the main site hosted, but my other add on domains do not have it. It really doesn't matter. You can also tell Google in Google Webmaster Tools which one you prefer by setting up a preferred domain.

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    I have been entering these sites on website location bar:
    http://AAA.com result http://AAA.com/
    https://www.AAA.com result http://AAA.com/
    https://BBBB.com result http://AAA.com/
    https://www.BBBB.com result http://AAA.com/

    The web site address is http://AAA.com/

    These are only redirect sites:

    If we leave everything the same, I would create back links using http://AAA.com/ ?

    Is anything ever simple.

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    LOL, I know there are a lot of details aren't there? I'm no pro at this server stuff, but from my understanding, it doesn't really matter which one you use. Some people just try to be consistent and use the same version.

    As far as Google is concerned you can tell them which one you prefer they show when they list your site in the search results. When you create your Google Webmaster Tools account, set either the www or non www as your "preferred domain."

    Typing your domain either way will resolve to your address so there really is no right or wrong here.

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