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Thread: Looking for a host that is similar to SBI or easy to build/edit – so I can keep it up

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    Default Looking for a host that is similar to SBI or easy to build/edit – so I can keep it up

    Looking for a host that is similar to SBI or easy to build/edit – so I can keep my website up.
    I have been with (Site build it) SBI for eight years now and seeing as I do not have the money or time right now to do anything to my website (as it has to be redone) and I cannot afford to pay the US$300 ( approx.. 340 Canadian) I have to find a much cheaper host so that I can keep the website up and running for the next year or two until I can afford to do something with it (as there is a lot that I know has to be redone).

    So can I ask please that if anyone out there knows of any good webhost that is inexpensive and has software to build it/edit it either similar to SBI or very easy to use please let me know.

    Thank you Craig

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    I wonder if you could get to pay a monthly amount instead of the $300 lump.

    Another idea is to contact SBI support and let them know that cash flow is not too great, ask them how they could accommodate you.

    When I deleted my site a year or so ago, I got several offers from them to continue the site..... I do not have the emails or I would let you know what they said. I am sure they will do everything they can to help you.

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    When I contacted SBI to cancel my site, they offered to keep it up and running. I no longer get any revenue from it, which was not much, but I can have it back in the future if I so choose. To me it was a win-win situation. I'm working on my next website project and who knows, someday I may figure this all out and be ready to tackle my original site again.

    And to answer your question, I haven't found a host similar to SBI that has all the tools in one place. I am going with website palace and following the plan of action offered there.
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    Well personally I use the Genesis Framework, and you can buy it for a one-time fee of $59 or so.. and even if the coding is difficult for you, there is a support forum and many tutorials on something called code "snippets" that you can add to your Genesis theme so you can customize your website a lot (I'm talking about WordPress). If you don't have WordPress, I would recommend getting it?

    I don't think any webhost matters if you're going to use Wordpress and the Genesis Framework.

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