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    Default MARKETING!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to write this today to explain 1 very effective method of a free Marketing strategy for your wordpress website or blog!

    You can use, addapt modify or replicate this strategy 100% for free. If you decide to use this for your blog, or video, or whatever, a link back to this thread specifically is requested but not required. This information is 100% Public Domain.

    This is something I have started using, and perhaps I could charge money for it. But I have a moral belief all education and learning should only take time. Not $$.
    I know people who have gotten into the third party pyramid sheme marketing sites, and as I predicted, they failed abismally. But I wanted to post this to perhaps clear the air, and reveal what I believe and have observed is the best way to promote your product for free!

    Well, The first thing you need to do is have a website or blog. Once you have this- let me list off all the ways possible your website CAN gain traffic. I have no authority on how to write quality content

    -Social Saturation-
    -Search Engines-
    -Email Marketing-
    -Foot Promotion-
    -Ignore it-

    -Virally (level of difficulty- Expert)
    Ever see a funny cat video with millions of hits? Ya, that is actually someones career to figure out how to get something to go viral. This is hard to do, but it can also happen by accident. Unless you know the variables, and the phsychological tricks to get people to share, I recommend not investing too much into this, unless this subject interests you.

    -Link Backs (level of difficulty- Professional to experienced)
    Now, linkbacks are not nearlly worth the currency they were 3 years ago. But their not worthless. They can be an important part of gaining traffic especially if they are relevant to whomever is linking back to you.
    A good idea is to submit your site to directories, such as Yellow Pages or Dex, this is free and of course this does add value to your site.

    Videos- (level of difficulty- computer)
    IF you have a computer, you can make a video. The quality of the video is 100% dependant on what the video is about and who makes it. But this is an effective way to gain traffic. It can be useful for link backs, and with a video, you can saturate your niche on other sites, like youtube, vimeo, and your own site.

    -Social Saturation (level of difficulty- Pro)
    This method is taking the concept of the "JETPACK" Plugin, and multiplying. This combined with other sites like Redit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter can dramatically increase your level of traffic.
    The trick to this, is to locate which network your niche is most active on. For example HVAC users is a huge part of twitter, and a less sized market on TUMBLR. It takes time, but if you do the leg work you can greatly effect your level of traffic.

    -Search Engines (level of difficulty- Intermediate)
    Don't let anyone fool you. SEO is easy. Why? because users are stupid. Don't believe me? User Cleverbot for an hour and then you might realize how incoherent the mobs thoughts are.
    But of course don't put them down, this is just a fact. all an SEO company might do for you is generate some links, give you a few keyword rich articles, submit a site map, and of course a littel Social promotion.
    Yes, you can gain traffic from search engines, and people have gotten rich off of it.
    But all these algorythm updates are; to make the results more relevant to the users search query. Just focus on your market and you will be fine. There is no magical phrase, or secret "inn" it's just relevancy.

    -Email Marketing (difficulty level- beginner to novie)
    Uhem.. This one is a little tricky. See an un solicited email can be considered spam. Be very careful about this one, and honestly my opinion is just use feedburner. That way people can optin, to whatever you may want to promote to them. It's just safer and there is actually some laws surrounding this method.

    -Foot Promotion (difficulty level- Beginner)
    Want to gain traffic right away? Promote it to people you know, colleges, restaurants, talk about it all the time. Cold call people. It's easy, and if you like what you do online it's fun!

    -Ignore it (difficulty level- beginner)
    This is the least effective way. But.... Miracles do happen. lol

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    Nice post. I think one of the best examples of successful foot promotion can be was how Reddit got started.
    Twitter: SuperTekBoy

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    Adding To my Springpad notebook for online marketing tips. nice to have a glossary of these terms. Thanks

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    Videos is supposedly a great method for website promotion, but creating them can be a real chore. I just purchased Video Maker FX (got mine for $49.95 currently $67). It has pre-made videos you can change & add content to, and upload to a video website.

    Another video creation tool is Easy Sketch Pro. A bit more limited, but the features are FAB! This one, I bought for $27.

    You can get a copy of either - just google it!

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    nice post, but I am still a little bit unclear about "Social Saturation" could some one please explain it a little more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alamsher View Post
    nice post, but I am still a little bit unclear about "Social Saturation" could some one please explain it a little more.
    Yes no problem.

    Social Saturation is where you simply regulate your entire social media presence.
    You utilize the same content across several social platforms.
    Then harvest the response data, then improve the publishing model.

    If you have the plugin jetpack, you may notice the "socialize" option which updates all the social media sites (there) about what's going on, on your blog/website, that's the same idea.

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