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Thread: Million Dollar Site - Fantasy Web Design to Fruition

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    Default Million Dollar Site - Fantasy Web Design to Fruition

    I have a website idea that I think is good and might bring to fruition once I have enough knowledge and experience to launch something of this caliber. TBH I feel it could be either a complete loser, a medium sized site or the next big thing really (yea yea I sound like everyone else).

    Anyway without getting too specific I feel the theme could make it or break it for this type of site. It has too be universally acceptable for all ages between 15-50yrs old. Not gender or intelligence oriented. For example I dont picture too many twenty yr old girls browsing forbes or gizmodo.

    It also cant be too magazine like with just a wall of pictures or too newsy like new york times.

    Heres some example theme demos that are kinda what I'm after:

    scipio1 (I like this but its too cosmetic looking, like a got2b rock hard gel or some punky makeup store)

    Edit: Originally had posted links, however its not allowed, I dont expect people to look at all these but just left them there in case.

    Example site:

    dudeiwantthat dot com too big and basic, too many pictures, also colorway looks kind of unprofessional)
    gsmarena dot com (too techy and small looking)

    Site has too be an authority site, wont be selling anything directly so no need for a shopping cart.

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    I understand you not wanting to be too specific to prevent giving away your theme, but I'm having a hard time understanding what specifically you want this site to do, other than be popular and appeal to a large demographic and perhaps have a magazine type feel. 15 to 50 year olds is quite broad without narrowing down their interests even more. Is there a certain hobby, interest, or problem you are going to address with this niche? Otherwise sounds like you may be trying to go too broad in the beginning.

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    I would be foolish to presume or un presume anything about you.

    Im a little curious, what would be the purpose of the website? Why would someone visit it, if you want an authority site then could I presume a resource site, perhaps something to help someone with hw, or find ajob? then the next step, what is your competition?

    anyway, i'd like to help. just I need a little more info.

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