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Thread: I think I know what I want...

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    Default I think I know what I want...

    Hi everyone I have a task I need to accomplish which massively improve the user experiance on my website.

    What I have are a few Excel Datasheets with ~5,000 parts prices and description.

    What I want to do, is find a way to make these parts prices and describtions available in my sites search query.

    MY site is a wordpress site, but the purpose of this is to automate the shopping process. So they can pay for the part online, our competitors can do it, and I feel i should be able to do it.

    I don't know how they do it, if they do it 1 by one! I will but I don't want to ya know?

    So the question is, is there a plugin? Would zencart work the best for what I need and how I want to do it?

    If I'm not vague let me explain.

    Ya know when you export your contact out of Google Contact and you can get a CSV file?

    I have parts databases and I want that same functionability specifically search as that a contacts program would have.

    Please advise

    Thank you
    -Zach Logan

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    I am not sure if this is the solution you are looking for, but is how I bring spread sheets into websites and wordpress. For full functionality of a sheet, you may have to develop this within the spread sheet. This is not a shopping cart solution, but a display one of product. But this may help.

    Actually, there is a way that is not to back breaking.

    1. Select the items in your spreadsheet that you want display in your post.
    2. File>Save As>Other Formats>Save as type and choose “Web Page (*.htm, *.html)”
    3. Click the radial button marked “Selection:Sheet” (unless you want the sheet to function as in your database)
    4. Publish

    In Wordpress:

    1. In your post area select “text”
    2. Use a text editor like notepad to then open this file up and save the text in it
    3. Paste into your post
    4. Click Publish
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    I think Woocommerce can do something like this if I'm not mistaken....


    You can import your products into their database. Is this what you need?

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