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Thread: How Lisa Irby And The WB Community Changed My Life Forever!

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    Default How Lisa Irby And The WB Community Changed My Life Forever!

    Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to take a bit of time to tell my story and let you know how you have effected my life positively!

    I want to start out by talking a bit about Lisa - the owner, the leader, the teacher. The one who brought me here to meet you. Without her, I wouldn't be here on Website Babble, and you wouldn't be here reading my thread.

    Back in 2010 was when I first started learning about making money through Adsense. I found Lisa on YouTube, and really liked the first video I saw. I was in desperate need of cash at the time, so I listened to her speak while pulling weeds - quite the hard, physical job. I realized this is not the type of work I wanted - so I listened to more and more of her videos, and got more and more interested in this seemingly magical world of making money online.

    So early 2011, I did it. I launched my first website, and worked on it for over a year. I remember how excited I was when I got my first Adsense click, in fact, I was so excited that even posted a thread about it! Although it didn't do well at all, I don't consider it a failure because I learned a heck of a lot during the process - more than I could just by reading articles or YouTube videos. The main reason it didn't do well was my topic choice, it was too broad. But that's ok.

    I didn't give up - I launched another website, this time learning from my mistakes and choosing a better, more narrow topic. I paid even more attention to the way I marketed it, and learned from my previous mistakes. Since then, it's gone on to make a pretty decent amount of money! Not enough to live off of, but since I'm only 17, enough to spend on whatever I want.

    But I realized that I already have everything I want - so now what? Today, I took some of the money I had saved, and invested it into a small business - an investment that will bring me passive income for years to come. With the money I made off of my websites. Kind of cool, right?

    Without Lisa teaching and guiding me to where I am today, I would never have had the money to invest.

    But you've helped me as well. Let's think about the Website Babble community for a sec. Although big names come to mind (Lisa, James, etc.) every single one of you has helped me out in some way. You've been there to help me when I've had questions. You've read my threads, and over 1000 of you have visited my website. You've helped change my life, and I just wanted to thank you for that.

    Now, all because of one YouTube video that I watched years ago, and because of you, the Website Babble community, my life has been forever changed. The future looks bright for me, and I have you all to thank for it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you succeed with your websites as well. I wholeheartedly believe that if you are committed enough, and don't give up, you too can achieve anything you want in life.
    I have an addiction to starting projects. Therefore, it's not worth listing a site here, because I'll probably be focusing on a different one next week!

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    I love stories like this! Good job for starting early and I know one day you'll be an even bigger success than you already are. I hope my website can be as successful as yours

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    Great post Majora and congratulations on your success. This is a wonderful place, I'm glad that I found it as well.
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    It's kind of nostalgic looking back on your 'journey' isn't it? I know what you mean about someone changing your life with something small but in such a big way. For me it was a skype call - not with Lisa, but with another mentor I had. I often think about how I probably would have never started my first website if it weren't for that skype call, and how lucky I was that the opportunity came my way.

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    It's threads like this that keep me motivated and reminds me why I do what I do. I just love, love, love seeing people enjoy what they're doing, stay persistent and never give up no matter what! I wish you continued success and appreciate all of you for being part of the community. Thanks for posting James!

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    Wow congratulations! it is very exciting to see this knowing that I have arrived here as a 'newbie'.
    It really makes me feel pleased to have joined the community here and I am encouraged to be active and learn more.

    Well done with your success and well done to the rest of the 'WB Community' for making this place something very special,
    which I am going to be enjoying be a part of myself.

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