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Thread: HTACCESS permissions

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    Question HTACCESS permissions

    I am creating an E-Commerce website as my 3rd project which is going to be hosted with and their subdomain file paths don't allow me to create folders outside of the public_html folder (e.g. default is /home/<username>/public_html/<folder> when I want /home/<username>/<folder>) which, theoretically, puts all of the subdomain folders inside the main domain folder and that puts me in a bit of a pickle. What i need is:

    • to be accessible by users
    • to be accessible for mobile users
    • to be blocked for visitors and allowed for localhost only as it will contain shared code (e.g. login scripts, mail processes) for both the desktop version and mobile version

    The only way i can think of achieving this is through the htaccess file which is where I hit a bollard as I don't have a lot of knowledge about htaccess files and only know the basics such as DocumentIndex, ErrorDocument and Redirect.

    If I need to expand on this, don't hesitate to ask for more information as I really do need some serious help with htaccess permissions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi and welcome! Are you sure about that? For example my subdomain folders are located inside the domain folder but they are still acting as sub domains because I set it up that way on my host. For example "blog" is a folder inside my main domain but it's still setup

    As far as blocking, I don't think you need to use htaccess. What you would do is use a robots.txt to tell the engines not to spider that entire subdomain and then host all your content in a folder no one would find. So your scripts would be on Then no one would find it unless they knew the name.

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    One of the websites I built recently has the following folder setup:

    • /home/<username>/pubilc_html for all the "desktop" website files
    • /home/<username>/mobile for all the "mobile" website files which is located outside the public_html folder

    Using this type of folder structure makes it easier for me to organize the different type of sites (mobile/desktop) into their correct areas. However the web hosting company have their setup different to what I would prefer which I will have to accept but it comes with a problem.

    I will be having files which contain login scripts and other shared scripts such as CSS & JS scripts in a shared folder within the public_html folder which is fine, but i want to be able to block all access to the shared from the outside world, plus I only want the mobile website only accessible from and not this might make it easier to explain.

    Shared scripts folder:
    I only want the web server (i.e localhost) to access block access to every incoming connection (i.e visitor). for example (the only way I know how)

    IF localhost THEN
    allow access to
    deny access to
    END IF

    Mobile Website
    Slightly different from the shared scripts. I only want the mobile version of the website accessible from and not because of URL lengths. For example


    I am hoping this is easier explanation

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