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Thread: PTC and PPC

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    Default PTC and PPC

    Guys i just want to know what is main difference between PTC and PPC..??
    please share with me
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    PPC is Paid Per Click (you get money for each time someone clicks on an ad on your site). I'm pretty sure PTC is Paid To Click... you sign up for a PTC site and they give you like a penny every time you watch a 30 second ad or click on someone's ad (and I think it's illegal). I could be wrong.

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    PTC is stands for pay to click is usually a programs where the user will get paid to click ads or links, and they will get paid for every ad they click.
    while ppc which stands for pay per click usually a service provided by a site, which allow the user to advertise their sites/ads. The user/advertiser will have to pay for every click on their ads they submitted to the site.

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    PPC stands for Pay Per Click... it is basically pay on ads of clicks you can say it is based on click search engine...

    On other hand PTC stands for paid to click.This is completely different from PPC program. The advertiser will pay the viewer certain amount for clicking and viewing the advertisement..


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