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Thread: How come my Youtube video is stretched out?

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    Default How come my Youtube video is stretched out?

    I just started using an HD Panasonic camera, but when I edit I upload them to Youtube after editing them in Windows Movie Maker, I noticed there is this REALLY unattractive stretching of the video and I have no idea how to fix it!

    Here's the video:

    As you can see it is stretched from side-to-side, and there are some black bars above and below it.

    I've tried adding the tags (i think it's yt&4:3 or something like that, and 16:9) but they did not work.


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    You have to make sure you are filming and editing in the same resolution. For example I film in 16:9 and edit in that same format. I know this post is kind of old. Just wondering if you figured it out?

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