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Thread: WordPress 3.5 - New Video

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    Smile WordPress 3.5 - New Video

    Hey everyone,

    If you haven't given WordPress 3.5 a test spin there are a couple of really neat things. First, the photo gallery is sweet. It makes it easier than EVER to create a gallery on your pages.

    Also, the default Twenty Twelve theme is mobile responsive and has a widgetized homepage that allows you to drag and drop widgets into the homepage. In a nutshell, customizing your homepage is easier.

    In my latest video I highlight these two features. Enjoy!

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    Bookmarked for future reference. I do not know much about WordPress. I have a WordPress blog which looks great but I never update it and trafic is nil. I customised it a lot but have forgotten how I did it! My memory needs refreshing. Thanks for this.

    All I need is decent hosting, 99% uptime, with the capability to add unlimited sites.

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    Darren, are you talking about "Ideas for Cash?" I see you have recent posts there now. What theme did you use for it? It looks great I think. I like the visuals, especially having large images for rss, etc. Of course with my old eyes that is a real help.
    Good Success!

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    This video is really very helpful for me, I will implement my WP website according to your video. Thanks.
    SEO Submission Lists : Business Directory, Forum Posting, Guest Posting ETC.

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    Loved every minute of the video!! A must-watch!!

    Thanks so much, Lisa, for unraveling the secrets Twenty Twelve to us :-)!!

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    WordPress video is very helpful for me, I will try to build my website according to this video.

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