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Thread: SBI’s 5 pillar affiliate program – not working for me

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    Default SBI’s 5 pillar affiliate program – not working for me

    I have tried & tried & tried to promote the 5 pillar affiliate program for years in so many different ways with no success whatsoever.

    I have put it in many forums , in twitter & facebook & now in a blog dedicated to it + other sources but still nothing.

    I did use the SBI writeups when I promoted it.

    I have heard stories of some people doing quite well at it but unluckily not me.

    If there is anything that anyone has for promoting it & they wish to share any helpful tips or ideas please do – I will be very grateful Craig

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    Hi Craig

    If your core audience is not looking to build a website than selling SBI! can be a tough sell. The main reason I do so well is I use the product and it fits with my niche. I'm not saying if you don't have a site on website creation you can't sell SBI! but it's a bigger challenge... especially because of SBI!'s price point.

    You mention that you've been promoting SBI! but what are the core desires and needs of the people you've been promoting it to? I think that's the first thing to address here.

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