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Thread: How YOU can be successful online

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    Default How YOU can be successful online

    I am making this post because every once in a while, I come across successful people who make it appear:

    a) effortless to become successful online
    b) only higher mortals could be successful online
    c) that every newcomer has missed the boat, and should forget about trying

    It makes me feel offended and even insulted to think that becoming successful doesn't require any effort. As one of the few who make a very good living online, I can assure you that a) it isn't effortless b) every mortal could do it, and c) the boat waits for every newcomer willing to board.

    Those who make it appear effortless
    Every now and then, I read success stories of people who claim to do practically nothing. And yet by some form of magic, Internet traffic seems to find its way to their sites.

    If they make it appear effortless to you, I assure you they are not God's special child where everything they touch turns to gold. It is probably true that they have some special talent in writing, in phrasing words, in sounding interesting, in organizing their thoughts, in presenting their message, in conveying their enthusiasm. But even if they don't, they did put the effort to gain those talents. The talents are gained by effort, not born. And that requires hard work which was probably masked by their enthusiasm and passion. If you want to be successful online, you've got to equip yourself with the necessary talents.

    Those who make themselves to be higher mortals
    The Internet is very democratic in that everyone begins with an empty domain. Think of it as the blank canvas to paint and color to your own liking. Everybody can do it, but the fact remains that not everybody actually does it successfully. Today the Internet is like a huge construction site littered with many incomplete buildings. I think the reason is, many people are unsure where their passion. They probably put making money ahead of following their heart. If you don't follow where your heart wants to go, you won't find much money where you are heading. So many people abandon their websites because their hearts just aren't there, and it feels so boring to persevere.

    Those who dismiss newbies
    Let's face it: established sites have all the advantage. Lisa says so herself when she spoke of the success of 2 Create A Website. I asked somewhere on this forum whether it is possible to repeat our past success. I think it is, but it will take time. From my own experience, I saw how difficult it is for my newer websites to overtake my own older websites. Yet, every now and then, we come across a newly built website that is simply a gem. As soon as you visit the website, it draws you in. The site is so interesting, and the passion of its author comes across solidly. It makes you say, "Now why didn't I write that?!" The fact remains that the Internet recognizes quality when it sees it, yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you want to be successful online, provide value in what you post online. Provide people a purpose for reading your website.

    Although I wouldn't disregard Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for bringing in traffic, I believe success will still elude you if your website has nothing of value to offer.

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    tim-the-traveler, Thanks for sharing wonderful experience. I like people those are highly motivated and your are one of them. By sharing own experience you are truly helping and encouraging us.

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    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It gives me motivation to continue to build my website and keep working hard to reach my goals.

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    Great post, Tim.

    One observation I would make is that in the third point, when you take note of an occasional exceptional new site, there is most likely in that case one or more other sites (probably some that failed to some extent) in the experience of this developer. And if not, there is experience of some kind from somewhere that carries over. As you say, we all start as a clean slate.

    Very good points.
    Good Success!

    Website: Success With Money
    "If your content doesn’t drive activity or conversations, don’t expect it to drive links." —Tom Schmitz, Search Engine Land

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    Well this sure shoots holes in my marketing scheme for the simplest one page sale's site.

    I was going to have it say: HELLO World! and then put a Paypal button under that. Nothing else.

    It would load real FAST! And you can build hundreds of them a day.

    Well, back to the drawing board. Marketing sure is getting hard.

    Good post Tim, common sense is sometimes hard to see when you look in a mirror. I didn't want it tomorrow, I wanted it yesterday, and at no cost or level of work.

    I like your saying:
    littered with many incomplete buildings
    Very True. Empty structures of lost quick golden dreams.

    Good post!


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