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Thread: Learning about Linkbait at an SEO Consultancy

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    Lightbulb Learning about Linkbait at an SEO Consultancy

    I haven't been posting on the forum for a while; it's nice to be back!

    One of the projects I've been working on has been with an SEO consultancy, Distilled in London. I interned with them last summer (great fun!) and came back this summer to research and write up a guide to creating effective linkbait. Hopefully you guys will get as much benefit from it as I have writing it:

    [link removed]

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    Hi ed7up,

    Always great to have people come back! Unfortunately I had to delete your link. This would be considered a self promotional post since you are affiliated with the site/product. Thanks for understanding. I sincerely hope you stick around and join our discussions again. Feel free to add your site in your sig, but please no announcement posts re your site/busines. Thanks.

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    I read your post before spam moderation and I have to say it was really well done, a lot of time went into creating this very long page full of links, graphics, text and videos. It is a linkbaiting object in itself, probably will work.

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    Interested in seeing that post, shame it couldn't be moved to an area for discussing this sort of thing?

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