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Thread: Google Checkout Vs paypal

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    Question Google Checkout Vs paypal

    Paypal supports 190 countries while Google Checkout supports just 142.

    there are about 20 countries that Google Checkout supports that PayPal does not.
    there are about 68 countries that PayPal supports that Google Checkout does not.

    google checkout or paypal which one you recommend ??
    please also tell the reason behind it.
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    Google check out. because paypal is not available in the country where i live.

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    Are you are able to use both for your site to give your customers more options to make their purchases? I think I've seen sites that do that, but not 100% sure.

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    I would say to use PayPal. I think generally its better known, and plus they specialise in online payments. I know that Google Checkout does, but the having the name Google attached to it means you also associate it with the search engine and YouTube.

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    I would say that paypal is the most famous so its your best bet because most people have probably heard of it and more will use it.

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    I use paypal because most my target customer.

    It is your target customers preferred choice of use that makes your decision. You want a checkout to be smooth as possible and familiar.

    I work with a company in Australia and Paypal was their choice there.
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    I haven't read much about Google checkout but i know that PayPal only offers fraud protection for sales of more than $50 whereas Google offers 100% refund, but you must report within 60 days. There have been complaints about PayPal's payment resolution process as well.

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    Clearly most people here are using PayPal and likely don't know much about how Checkout works. It'll be interesting to see if one performs better for you than the other as well as your impressions of Checkout in general. I think more people are familiar with PayPal and probably trust it more but Google Checkout is also a good choice either.

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    Quite often you're restricted to a particular payment processor due to the e-commerce script you are using for your online store. Most scripts include Paypal as one option whereas not too many scripts include Google Checkout as an option although that is changing as time goes on

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