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Thread: Should We Use Whois Privacy Protection Service?

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    Default Should We Use Whois Privacy Protection Service?

    Do you have any experiences using Whois Privacy Protection Service?
    I really have regrets why I used Whois Privacy Protection Service when I registered for a web hosting. It was my first time and I want to build a site and monetize it through Google Adsense. But then, when I applied for it on Nov. 16 2010, I still don't have the reply/confirmation from Google. One of their staff said this to me.

    "Because you have used the "Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc." you have to wait for a human to review your site and they may come back and tell you to prove domain ownership."

    Until now, there is still no response from them because of that service. Well, that will charge to experience.

    Is there anything you can suggest for me? Please help.

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    Contact your host, tell them you would like to temporarily remove your who is protection, maybe for at least 2 months. But its probably better off you leave your who is protected without interruption if it is the case that you do not have sufficient traffic to benefit from google adsense anyways. This way when an actual google human employee verifies your site, maybe you will be getting a little more traffic by then to monetize with adsense. If you like you can try Adbrite first then go with adsense when they approve and confirm you as owner.
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    I'd also recommend contacting your host and seeing if they can remove it. Other than applying for AdSense there shouldn't be any other negative reason for using it other than the cost. Google could or could not use it as part of their ranking algorithm but if they did I would imagine that it won't have too much of a negative effect.

    The only downfall for not using it is that you may get some extra spam emails. I also get a couple of letters a year from domain registrars but other than that I haven't felt the need to use it.

    If you're worried about getting spam emails you could also create an email account for this reason and use it as your whois contact email.

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