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Thread: Two Great ROYALTY-FREE Websites For Content

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    Default Two Great ROYALTY-FREE Websites For Content

    I just thought I would pass this along. Here are my two favorite websites I use for the bulk of my media.

    What is Royalty-Free?
    Royalty-Free, or RF, in photography, music and the stock photo industry, refers to a copyright license where the user has the one-time right to use the photo or song without restrictions. The user can therefore use the image or song in several projects without having to purchase an additional license or paying ASCAP

    Royalty-Free Photos
    This website is great for photos. If you want to add content to your website the free and legal way, use this site. If you have any other free content webpages, please let me know! Thanks

    Royalty-Free Music
    Love, Love, LOVE this website. I use this music on my youtube videos as a nifty background. The only thing they ask is that you post the tune and album on your webpage if you use it. I think that's a fair trade :-)

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    Default Another great site offering royalty free music

    Another great site offering royalty free music is smartsound dot com
    which offers 5 free(really free provided you signup also free) with customised length,
    Variation of Musical Arrangement and Instrument Mix.
    As usual need to give credit to smartsound dot com
    via provided html code.

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    Great share. http://www.morguefile.com is another royalty-free site for images. Pretty decent quality too.

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    I frequently need Royalty free images for my video tutorials on YouTube. I use the free section of a site called Dreamstime which has a surprisingly large collection with great images.

    I have a referral link in my sig file, but you can also get to it here http://www.dreamstime.com.
    Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, After Effects Tutorials at Youtube | Website | Twitter
    Do you take great photos? Consider selling them at Dreamstime or Shutterstock.
    YouTube Partnership with Makerstudios: http://awe.sm/bDxZW

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