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    I have question on Email. I have a client and I am tasked with sending out a email for her new business. I have a email list and everything ready to go. She is a hair salon. I am trying to send out her emails though a program included in her salon software. It;s linked with her google account.

    Well as you know I got blocked using google since they have limits. My question is What do you suggest doing? I have created a mailchimp account but wont I run into the same limits using that??

    My client is on a budget so I am trying to do this with the resources we have. Can you give me some tip on doing this? I know you are busy and get emails from a lot of people but I hope you can assist.

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    What exactly do they mean when you say you got blocked using google because they have limits? MailChimp have limits? Google has limits? Could you be a bit more specific?

    I use MailChimp which is free, and yes, there is a limit of 2000 subscribers and a send limit of something like 12,000 emails. It's a great piece of software and great for anyone on a budget. Tell me what the issue is exactly and I'll bet I can help.
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    Many hosting accounts restrict you sending no more than 300 emails per hour so this might be the problem in sending from your clients software as it would be via her ISP.

    With Mailchimp, you would be sending from their servers and not your client's servers.
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