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Thread: Question For Lisa? Mobile Devices

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    Default Question For Lisa? Mobile Devices

    This question is particularly for Lisa and the reason is I know how adamant you are about using mobile responsive themes. But in preparing a special theme for my website, I am instead taking your advice more so about the simplicity. But I will have to wait to add responsive code to the theme. Plus I am trying to be careful with the coding because I am still getting used to this cms program. basically, making the theme responsive right now would probably take too much time. And in the past, it didn't respond as expected due to enhanced features, necessary for that particular website.

    Do you think that will hurt significantly, as I have read somewhere where 70 percent of POF users access the website from their mobile devices. This is a staggering amount of mobile impressions. Even considering that most users of any typical website come from mobile traffic and I don't think anyone wants to miss out on that. I know I don't.

    So do you think that instead of simply magnifying the content on the page to browse it, that people would instead find another web page to browse? Also, I'd like to hear from anyone how you respond to pages that are not optimized for the web.

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    Funny I just posted about this on Facebook today. First, check your individual traffic stats. If mobile makes up a very small percentage it may not be as big of a deal now but you better believe those numbers will grow. 2create is still only 16% mobile but my hair site is 50% mobile. Having said that, I think you should definitely have a mobile friendly site today no matter what.

    I can't speak for others. I don't leave when the site is not mobile responsive but I growl when I have to zoom in just to read the content. LOL But I've actually heard others say they prefer to see the regular site over the mobile version so I guess it depends. I personally prefer mobile. I read that when people view sites on mobile devices they view fewer pages than they do on desktop (I typically do too), so it's best to either minimize the navigation or hide it altogether.

    I'm glad to see you ended your question by asking for other's opinions because I'm certainly not THE expert on mobile. Plus when you just address me in the thread it may discourage others from answering. And I'm sure other people have great advice.

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