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Marketing Tips for 2013 and Beyond

Squashing Myths About SEO

Because of so much wrong advice posted about SEO, I decided to create this page that you can reference for relevant marketing strategies.

Ignore BAD SEO Advice

In 2012 there were a lot of changes with SEO, but unfortunately the bad advice continues -- particularly on this forum. Spammers are often paid to post information in forums that is flat out incorrect and misleading. I'm doing my best to keep the SEO forum clean as possible because it is a magnet for spam and bad advice.

It's time to set the record straight about SEO and the state of Internet Marketing going forward.

Article marketing, excessive blog commenting, directory submissions, chasing high PR sites for posting links are largely a waste of time nowadays. That doesn't mean you won't get some benefit from it but you won't see the same results that you did years ago.

Here are some blog posts that discuss how to deal with the changes with SEO...

Stop. Feel Like Your Marketing With a Blindfold On? Not Getting Results? Here's Help.
Did Google Kill The Niche Site Model?
100,000 Monthly Page Views and No Backlink Building
WordPress Posts vs. Pages and SEO

The bottom line is, any SEO strategy that can be easily duplicated by the owner to "fake their own popularity" (submitting their own links) is less and less useful and largely ignored by Google

Gaining natural, relevant links (guest posting on relevant sites, etc.) is the best way to go from now on. Don't waste your time on linking schemes and chasing large quantities of backlinks. It's less about the quantity and more about the quality of links you gain.

Here are some great videos from Matt Cutts on SEO...

Why Do Paid Links Violate Google's Guidelines and Other Ads Don't?
How Does Google Consider Sitewide Backlinks for SEO?
What is Google's View on Guest Blogging For Links?
If I Haven't Been Participating in Link Schemes Do I Need to Worry About My Links?

Don't Ignore Email Marketing

No doubt email marketing has been the most challenging marketing technique for me. Why? Because you won't often see instant results and it takes time to master. However, once you figure it out, the benefits can be huge. I thoroughly regret waiting so long to actually use this technique because I am now making decent money from my list.

Here are some articles that will help you get started...

Email Marketing Strategies to Help Improve Traffic and Sales
Penguin Slapped. Your Traffic Tanked. Now What?
Strategies to Improve Your Email List Engagement
How to Build a List. Why Would Someone Bother to Sign Up and How to Retain Them
Has Social Media Killed Email Newsletters?

Social Media and SEO

Social media is now playing a bigger role than ever with SEO. So the more shares you receive from influencial people, the more SEO benefit the article will receive in the long run. Building authentic relationships with people in your niche is now more important than ever.

Start by engaging with people in your niche on Twitter, FB, Google Plus, etc. If you have a blog, join networks like BlogEngage, Triberr, Scoop.It, BizSugar and more.

Here are some articles on social media you may find useful...

How Ti Drives Traffic to Her Site Without Google and Her Advice to You
Get More Viral Traffic and Exposure From Pinterest
Understanding Google's Author Rank and How to Use It

If you're new to blogging and social media marketing (SMM), grab a copy of Kristi Hines' The Ultimate Blog Post Promotion Guide. Kristi is a social media marketing maven and the ebook contains many easy-to-follow strategies for people new to SMM.

Articles on Making Money

A Basic Guide to Making Money With a Content Website
5 Easy Ways to Squeeze Extra Earnings Out Your WordPress Site
Clickbank: I Make Nothing So It Must Be a Scam
A Guide to Making Money With Clickbank
20 Ways to Make Money With a Website

The Perfect Guide for Beginners

If you're brand new to content marketing and want to learn the ropes of making money online with affiliate programs, AdSense and more, consider downloading my ebook Niche Website Success.

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