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    Hello everyone! How're you doing? Good? Good. So anyways, I'm just another guy who wants to make a website, and if possible, make some money out of it too. However, before I spend money, I have some doubts in my mind as to what all I need, how hard it is going to be, and what all skills do I need.

    Here is my idea of a website - As we all know, video games are very popular these days. Millions of people pre-order games, million times it is downloaded through the system itself, so in general my point is that video games are a popular hobby among the people age of 13-30.

    People often want to get online in games and need to exchange their personal IDs for games so that people can play with each other. Examples of this would be PSN IDs and 3DS Friend Codes. People want to add more and more people.

    Whenever a new game is released, usually more people go on forums and ask for this. So why not built a website that largely focuses on people being able to find each other. People would have to provide their info and accordingly they will be able to add each other on their system. So a website dedicated to to this, because if you Google 'Get 3DS Friend Codes' you'll only see forums of famous website, no dedicated website for it.

    This will most likely be the main objective of the website, however, to get more people interested in the website and giving them a reason to visit the website again, I'm thinking of adding a 'List' feature for the games which the players have played. Quite similar to myanimelist which is a very successful website, so basically the same thing, but for games. I've often seen people asking is their something like myanimelist for video games?

    So as for the list, I would want people to have the ability to search games from a database and add it to their list. Now here I need some 'technical' support. Some games are released on more than 1 system. For example, Grand Theft Auto V got released for PS3 and Xbox 360. So how do I manage that when people want to add this game, how will I make the proper options for it? I would also like people to rate the game and other stuff. Won't this require some programming knowledge? I would be glad if someone sees how myanimelist is and will understand what I mean by all this. Does Joomla help in this kind of stuff?

    Furthermore, I'm thinking of running forums too if I get decent traffic, make some popularity contests and award prizes to people who participated in it and won. Like for example a "Best Video Game Ever" Contest, tournaments and more to keep people interested in the website.

    As for traffic, there will be game's descriptions for all the games so that the website isn't empty as Google would want a website with content.

    So in general, here are the questions:
    1) Which web host to choose? I'm thinking of BigRock, because it is cheap.
    2) Do I need Joomla for this? If yes, how hard will it be to make something like this?
    3) If not Joomla or Drupal, what will I need? Will I need some technical skills?

    I would be really grateful if someone can help me. Thanks

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    You ask some important questions and I am sure you will get some helpful answers from the more experienced uses with these platforms and the type of site you plan. I would comment on only one issue, the choice of a host.

    You write:

    I'm thinking of BigRock, because it is cheap.
    I am not experienced with BigRock so this is no comment on them, but the cost of hosting is pretty competitive and the difference is not significant (unless you choose one of the specialized hosts that charge large amounts). Considering your investment of time and other inputs, the cost of hosting is small. Choose a host that you can determine has adequate staff and facilities to offer redundancy (backup) and support services.

    I have only used Dreamhost and Hostgator myself. Actually I have used another I won't mention but you do not want them! These two are reliable as are some others. BigRock may be OK, but make sure they are reliable first, then consider cost.
    Good Success!

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