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Thread: Earn More With a Product Comparison Chart

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    Spencer Hawes of Niche Pursuits put out a useful article this week about creating a product comparison chart. This has been on my to-do list for my hair site but hadn't gotten around to it.

    He uses the WordPress TablePress plugin, but I just tried out the other one he mentioned called Websimon. I like that it automatically resizes the images.

    The only downside is the tables aren't responsive. I hate putting anything on my site that is not mobile friendly nowadays, but at least it shows the most important columns on my smart phone (picture and link to product.)

    You can see my chart at the bottom of this page...

    This is a great way to promote products you may be affiliated with. For example, if you want to compare all the keyword research tools (Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro, etc.) you could create a chart with all the details (price, features, etc.)

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    Good idea if you can use it. Just from my personal view I know that I often jump to comparison charts when I am thinking about product choices.
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