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Thread: Wordpress site that does not look like a blogging site

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    Default Wordpress site that does not look like a blogging site

    Does anyone have example of a Wordpress site that does not look like a blogging site the moment you land on it and has more of the feel of a custom static website?

    So many times when I land on a Wordpress site, it feels to much like a platform rather than a website. Personally, I like Wordpress and use it a lot if it fits a purpose that it is best designed for. It would be interesting to see how creative someone is by getting outside the box. Right now, I am bidding on a 180 page wordpress website, but buying a very custom theme for it in the process.

    I hesitate to ask this question, because of possible spam or self promotion. Keep in mind that I am looking for a regular looking website example and not just a new style them that is still blog style. Responsive sites seem even more limited then a regular wordpress..

    This also means sidebars cleaned up without the typical “Blogroll”, “Categories” and “Archives”.

    The few real good ones I have found are by designers themselves. An example of what I found that I like is Of course, the next question is how much work is it to create something along these lines? I would be most impress with a Wordpress that had more of a WYSIWYG ability.

    Makes you wonder what you could make if you designed something like this.
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    Good question, Bill.

    I can't think of any site off the top of my head (although I know I've seen plenty), but the key to setting this up (outside of hiring a custom designer) is to find a theme that has homepage widgets that allows you to create a more custom homepage.

    Also, many premium themes give you the option of removing the sidebars altogether if you want.

    One theme I'd love to try and haven't yet is Headway. It allows you to more or less draw out your theme design but I don't know how completely customizable it is. From what I heard it gives you more design control in a WYSIWYG format.

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    I have yet to see a WordPress theme that you couldn't remove the Blogroll, Categories and Widgets if you want to. Just look under Appearance and select Widgets, then drag them all off the active list and store them in the inactive area. Some themes require you to have at least one active widget, or they use a default set, but it's simple to add a Text widget with a blank character.
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